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App Marketing in the Android Forums: Case Study: eNotify

App Marking: Android Forums

Case Study: ENotify

Is marking your app on the Android forums effective? There are numerous forums to which people turn to for technical help and keep abreast of announcements relating to their devices and apps. The majority of these forums have a dedicated thread for announcing new apps. However, you need to be aware of the rules for each individual forum:

Rules in General:
  • The announcement must conform to a certain format:
    • Example] "[APP][2.2+] ENotify"
  • Only make 1 post about the app. Any future announcements must be made in the same thread
  • Some have restrictions on how many screen shots and links that can be included
  • Many forums forbid marketing paid apps

  • First Month: The app averaged 2 downloads per day
  • Second Month: The app averaged 6 downloads per day
  • The 5 days following posting to the forums: The app averaged 14 downloads per day
Is that significant? Yes! It is to me :) My goal with the app is to build a small base of users so that I stimulate word of mouth growth while I continue to refine the app and its feature set.

Other benefits:
  • Posts are indexed by search engines so be sure to include key words that represent your apps features
  • Got some feedback on defects that were subsequently fixed as a result
  • A number of people discussed new potential features they'd like to see in the app

View Counts:  [July 2nd 2013 through July 6th 2013]
Total Views: 949

In conclusion, the most import forums for generating awareness are XDA, Droid Forums and Android Central.

More ideas for marketing your apps by Muhammad Ali

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  2. Hi Steve

    Couple other things I found recently that helped with the app growth:

    1. The keywords in your app name are really important for search results. It is 30 letters of gold dust.

    2. Repeating you keywords in the description can really help

    3. Being a first mover on a new integration can help. We integrated with Pebble watch. My app post on pebble forum has 2.2K views and is rising.

    Keywords and pebble have helped quite a bit.

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